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The Benefits Of Immigrants During The United States

The Benefits of Immigrants Ever since 2001, when the tragedy of September 11th happened, many citizens in the U.S. have a fear of allowing immigrants into the United States. Some citizens judge that immigration is an impending threat to national security, and that the U.S. should close the borders up for good. The U.S. should not consider that because everything negative that occurs in the U.S. is not due to immigrants. The government can stop illegal immigration right now, but would it not affect the U.S. more to do so? Restrictionists claim that large-scale immigration, legal and illegal has depressed wages, burdened government resources, and acted as a net drain on the economy. However, if immigration is stopped completely the reduction of workers would cause the inflation of money to decrease therefore, causing the economy to plunge downward. People come to the U.S. to escape persecution from their country, work and make a living. Third world immigration is not a threat to Americ a’s way of life because immigrants work, immigrants participate, and immigration already responds reasonably well to America s economy. Thus, if immigration is eliminated, the U.S. would have fewer workers and the economy would not flow smoothly because the immigrant workers make the jobs and economy better. America should allow immigrants because they are essential to the growth of the American economy. Immigrants have a positive effect on the American economy because history has shown thatShow MoreRelatedImmigration : How It s Changed And Stayed The Same1727 Words   |  7 Pageshistory, not only in laws about immigration, but about places where immigrants came from, and the different races that immigrated. These factors have changed throughout history by shaping the social and economic aspects of the United States. Immigration has changed for the better and for the worse. It has gone to as far as making camps for Japanese Americans and deporting them and taking their be longings, to as low as giving immigrants papers and letting them stay. The laws of immigration have changedRead MoreThe United Farm Workers Movement: Cesar Chavez Essay1114 Words   |  5 PagesDuring the 1960’s, many movements rose such as the counterculture movement, the hippie movement, the environmental movement, the SCLC, the SNCC, the Native American movement, Women’s civil rights, United Farm workers, etc. During the 1960’s the American culture would start to change because of these movements. The United Farm Workers movement for example fought for the rights of Mexican americans. Their goal during the 1960’s was to get decent working conditions and more job opportunities. The UnitedRead MoreImmigration : An Influential Aspect Of American History1172 Words   |  5 Pagesand cultures, made the great journey to the United States to pursue greater economic and social opportunities. Immigration has been an influential aspect of American history. These immigrants have enhanced and contributed greatly to the fabric and the story of America. They have brought with them diversity and aspects of their cultures that made America the great melting pot that it is today (Connelly 174). They have also brought with them economic benefits to the country. Immigration is a crucial andRead MoreAre Babies Born on the United States Soil Be Considered Full-fledged Citizens or Not?1360 Words   |  6 Pagessurrounds the United States today is whether or not babies born on United States soil are to be considered full-fledged citizens or not, regardless of the family’s recent migration into the United States. The children born in the United States to illegal alien mothers are often referred to as anchor babies†. Under current practice, these children are United States citizens at birth, simply because they were born on United States soil. They are called anchor babies because, as United States citizens,Read MorePersuasive Essay Immigration843 Words   |  4 Pagesalong. I agree with Kinsley’s o verall opinion that the United States has no obligation to be fair and take more immigrants in under their wing than they can handle and give support financially if needed. During this essay, I will be focusing on the topic of immigration including benefits and receiving education in the United States and will discuss my expectations I have when traveling to a foreign country. The United States has many immigrants who are legal citizens from across the globe. On theRead MoreThe United States Immigration System845 Words   |  4 PagesThe United States immigration system is faulty. The United States does not possess an immigration program that stipulates immigrants who do not already have family in the country or a job to become United States citizens unless they stay for many years with a green card. Consequently, immigrants are entering our country illegally and poverty forces some to commit crimes in order to provide for themselves and their families. There should be a program that will aid immigrants and existing United StatesRead MoreMexican Immigration And The United States Essay1175 Words   |  5 PagesDuring the last two centuries Mexican migration to the United States have changed the culture and economic values of this nation. Coming from a country where only the rich can strive and the poor struggles to survive. Mexican immigrants risk their lives to come to this country for an opportunity to a better life and to support their families back home. With their journey to this nation they bring their culture and language, involving the American culture in many ways. They come to also face manyRead MoreImmigration: H-1B Visa1737 Words   |  7 Pages(H-1B) and who receives them, and whether the United States should increase or decrease the amount. Currently, the H-1B visa system is structure to administer 65,000 H-1B visas (Services, H-1B Fiscal Years (FY) 2014 Cap Season). According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration, 124,000 petitions were received during the 2013 fiscal year. (Services, H-1B Fiscal Years (FY) 2014 Cap Season). Some are suggesting that we need more skilled immigrant labor within our country for innovative andRead MoreThirty-One Years Ago, My Parents Were Illegal Immigrants1582 Words   |  7 Pagesparents were illegal immigrants that came to The United States to reach the American drea m just like a U.S. Citizen. With hard work, dedication, and with the help of an amnesty they were able to reach their goals and provide a good reputation to this country. But how do illegal immigrants benefit The United States? Government budget surplus, agriculture food prices and the economy are one of many reasons why illegal immigrants reflect an important benefit in The United States. Going back to historyRead MoreThere Are An Estimated 12 Million Undocumented Or Illegal1507 Words   |  7 Pagesillegal immigrants currently residing in the United States, and their presence has been a source of heated political debate for years. Hard-liners believe that undocumented immigrants are destroying our nation by stealing jobs and social benefits away from American-born citizens. Others recognize the importance of illegal immigrants and believe their existence in the United States is necessary for the country’s success. Currently, President Donald Trump is demonstrating his anti-immigrant sentiment

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Fall of Enron Essay - 1430 Words

Q1- Who were the key stakeholders involved in, or affected by the collapse of Enron? How and to what degree were they hurt or helped by the actions of Enron management? Ans- The key stakeholders affected by the collapse of Enron were its employees and retirees. Stakeholders and mutual funds investors lost $ 70billion market value. Banks were also affected by the meltdown of the company. They included big banks like J P Morgan Chase and Citigroup. Not only the stakeholder and bondholder lose out, the confidence in the company also fell. This was the major setback for the company. The actions of Enron management left a deep scare for its 4000 employees which lost out their jobs and also impacted others around them. Some blamed Arthur†¦show more content†¦All the above issues that led to the bankruptcy of the company were perpetuated by the actions of Lay, Skilling, Fastow and other executives. They all led to the collapse of the company. Lay did not enquire about the decisions that Skilling and Fastow were taking. He just approved to everything that they kept in front of him. Skilling always wanted to keep up to the Wall Street expectations a nd for this he gave pressure on his executives to find new was to hide the dept. This was the major setback for the company as they didn’t know that in future everything was going to come out and it would have led to bad consequences. Lay did not enquire about all this and approved of all the work Skilling was doing. Q3- What steps should be taken now by corporate managers, stakeholders, and policy makers to prevent a similar event from occurring in the future? Ans- People should not lie about the company’s financial status just to bring it up In the market. Eventually the truth is going to come out one day or the other. Auditors should properly keep track of the finances. Managers, stakeholders and directors should be aware of everything that is happening in the company. Policy makers should think about what steps they are taking and how it will affect other people lives. They should not make policies for the benefits of the big companies who give them finances for their political endeavours. Updated case:- ManyShow MoreRelatedThe Fall of Enron1146 Words   |  5 PagesCase: The Fall of Enron 1. Why was Enron such an admired company prior to 2000? What innovation do they bring to the table? Be specific and support your statement with concrete information. Enron was an admired company prior to 2000 because at that time it surfaced as a frontrunner in the deregulated energy market, making it possible to sell energy at higher prices, thus significantly increasing its revenue. The company, through efficient management team, has built leading businesses in energyRead MoreFall of Enron1160 Words   |  5 PagesThe Fall of Enron 1. Why was Enron such an admired company prior to 2000? What innovation do they bring to the table? Be specific and support your statement with concrete information. Prior to the year 2000, Enron Company, established in the mid-80s, caused the admiration worldwide because of its fast rise of revenue both in the local and international stock market in a short period of time. Enron’s operating income in the year 2000 was stated in $100.7 billion and its after-tax net income wasRead MoreEssay on THE FALL OF ENRON727 Words   |  3 PagesThe Fall of Enron The History Enron began as a pipeline company in Houston in 1985. It profited by promising to deliver so many cubic feet to a particular utility or business on a particular day at a market price. That change with the deregulation of electrical power markets, a change due in part to lobbying from senior Enron officials. Under the direction of former Chairman Kenneth L. Lay, Enron expanded into an energy broker, trading electricity and other commodities. The Business of Enron EnronRead MoreThe Rise and Fall of Enron1170 Words   |  5 PagesThe Enron Corporation was founded in 1985 by Kenneth Lay and based in Houston, Texas. Enron was known as one of the world’s leading electricity, natural gas, communications and pulp and paper companies. By the late 1990s Enron was considered one of the country’s most groundbreaking companies constructing power plants, gas lines, buying and selling electricity and gas, and partaking in a unique trading business; creating whole new markets for oddball commodities. In 1995 annual revenues were aroundRead MoreThe Rise And Fall Of Enron1008 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction Enron began as an energy company in 1985. After the deregulation of oil and gas in the U.S., Enron lost its’ exclusive rights to natural gas pipelines. The CEO, Kenneth Lay then hired a consulting firm to reinvent the company in order to make up lost profits. He hired Jeffery Skilling, who was in banking, specifically; asset and liability management. Under the topic â€Å"The Beginning Presages the End†, C. William Thomas (2002) writes: â€Å"Thanks to the young consultant, the company createdRead MoreThe Rise and Fall of Enron1532 Words   |  6 PagesMost of the world has heard of Enron, the American, mega-energy company that â€Å"cooked their books† ( ) and cost their investors billions of dollars in lost earnings and retirement funds. While much of the controversy surrounding the Enron scandal focused on the losses of investors, unethical practices of executives and questionable accounting tactics, there were many others within close proximity to th e turmoil. It begs the question- who was really at fault and what has been done to prevent it fromRead MoreThe Rise And Fall Of Enron1900 Words   |  8 PagesThe Rise and Fall of Enron One of the most basic tenets of all companies, whether small or large, is to create a principled corporate culture. Those ethical principles must start with the executives of the organization and trickle down to the individual employees. Leaders affect the employees’ decision-making process, yet they tend to adopt the same rationale as their leaders when reaching a decision. The leadership of a company needs to find a balance between risk and creating opportunity. WhileRead MoreThe Rise and Fall of Enron2970 Words   |  12 PagesThe Leadership of Kenneth Lay 5 Contributing Factors for Enron’s Debacle 7 Power Abuse 7 Fraudulent Accounting Practices 7 Employees and Board members 8 Investors Grief 9 Auditors and external regulatory agency 9 Conclusion 9 The debacle of Enron, led not only the company to bankruptcy but also its employees and shareholders. Unethical leadership and vested interests played a significant role in its imminent failure. Very few had the courage to challenge authority and leave when faced withRead MoreThe Rise And Fall Of Enron Essay860 Words   |  4 PagesThe Rise and Fall of Enron The objective of every company is to maximize profit, become a big player and remain viable. Enron was no exception the key players at the time were Kenneth Lay CEO, Jeffery Skilling who was hired by Lay in 1990 to head the Enron Finance Corporation and by 1997 Skilling was made President and Chief Operating Officer. Andrew Fastow, CFO who was the chief financial officer of Enron. Enron merged Houston Natural Gas in 1985 with another natural gas pipelineRead MoreRise and Fall of Enron Essay872 Words   |  4 PagesThe rise and fall of Enron is a company that was lead to its own demise by it’s own leadership and ill business decisions. The motivational theories explained from the readings of Organization Behavior can correlate with the failure of Enron’s internal organization. Even though a company may appear to display successful business practices, the influence of leadership through management can ultimately lead the company to fail. Enron’s code of ethics prided itself on four key values; respect, integrity

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Drug Use Body Image And Athletes - 1535 Words

Nicholas Navarre Dr. Cheryl R. Hopson ENGL 1113 1 September 2015 Drug Use Body Image and Athletes No matter the sport, most athletes seek every competitive advantage to make it to the top. One of the main advantages is the performance athletes gain through drug use, and a big question today is the real purpose behind the drugs. Is an athlete truly just trying to enhance his or her performance to make it to the next level, or is there a deeper meaning, a problem with body image and how the public views these athletes, or a combination of both? According to an article on the Dilemmas of Doping, the rules in sports have two effects, â€Å"One is private: rules produce an entertaining game that generates private benefits for players, owners, and especially spectators. The other is social: rules tend to reward play that exhibits self-discipline, sacrifice for the good of the whole, and fair play.† ( qtd in Bird, Edward J and Gert G. Wagner). An athlete not only is rewarded by fair play, but winning without cheating, using drugs, etc. is the ultimate feeling of accomplishment. T hese athletes may have a sense that without stimulants they will never reach the top and feel like they have no other choice. Why are these drugs so appealing to athletes? According to the Mayo Clinic, besides making muscles bigger, anabolic steroids may help athletes recover from a hard workout more quickly by reducing the muscle damage that occurs duringShow MoreRelatedSteroids and Our World758 Words   |  3 Pagessynthetic steroid hormones made to resemble testosterone. These drugs are not the only performance enhancing drugs (PED’s) out there. Some are not even steroids, such as: creatine, tamoxifen, propranolol, cox-2, albuterol, ephedrine, and erythpoietin. These performance enhancing drugs may be boosting the skill level in an athlete’s career, but it is doing no good to the health of the athlete himself. Multiple sports are having reports of athletes using PED’s including baseball, being one of the top sportsRead MoreAnabolic Drug Use Among Athletes1668 Words   |  7 PagesAthletes that use this drug typically take it with testosterone to help side effects such as a loss of sex drive, depression, and moodiness. The Sixth steroid is called Oxymetholone, also known as Anadrol. This drug comes in a tablet form. Anadrol improves red blood cell production and increases the amount of hemoglobin that helps to treat anemia. Although the FDA approves Anadrol, this drug still has serious side effects. These include breast cancer in males and females and reabsorption of the boneRead MorePerformance Enhancing Drugs Should Be Legal1039 Words   |  5 PagesIllegal performance enhancing drugs should remain illegal they truly shatter the idea that hard work pays off, performance enhancing drugs are for cheaters, and cheaters never prosper. Performance enhancing drugs are far too easily accepted and used. Performance enhancing drugs are more prevalent, needed, and dated than many know. Athletes do not feel ashamed or the need to hide their use of performance enhancing drugs. Performance enhancing drug use is a universal thing, and using them has beenRead MoreEssay on Using Steroids to Gain the Perfect Body1099 Words   |  5 PagesUsing Steroids to Gain the Perfect Body In our days, most people have set the goal and dream to have the perfect body. They believe by having this image, they will be popular and/or attractive. People want to achieve the body that they desire, like a super star, a hero in a Hollywood movie, a strong soldier, and an Olympic athlete. However, what are the extent people will go to get the perfect body? The biggest problem for those who dream to have a beautiful body today, as many people know, isRead MoreDrug Testing of High School Students1075 Words   |  5 PagesMandatory Drug Testing of High School Athletes Brandon had always wanted to play football for his high school team. He had always been one of the slowest and smallest boys in his grade. While in 8th grade, he was introduced to performance enhancing drugs. He was sold on the fact that they would make him stronger, faster, and maybe give him a shot to make the high school football team. During his first year of taking the performance enhancing drug, Brandon had increased strength and self-prideRead MoreMandatory Drug Testing for Student Athletes Essay966 Words   |  4 Pagescountry, student athletes are using drugs. â€Å"The percent of students that have drunk alcohol is 72.5% while the number of students who have used marijuana is 36.8%† (Report: Nearly Half of High School Students Using Drugs, Alcohol). The students believe that since they are athletes that they do not need to abide by the rules because they feel more superior and that the narcotic will not hurt or affect them. Implementing random drug tests for at hletes will create a positive image and not hurt othersRead MoreSelf Esteem And Body Image Problems1491 Words   |  6 PagesLow self-esteem and body image problems are too much to handle alone for some teens. A few may become depressed and lose interest in activities or friends. Some go on to develop eating disorders or body image disorders, or use alcohol or drugs to escape feelings of low worth. It can be tempting to compare ourselves with others. The trouble with that is, not everyone grows or develops at the same time or in the same way. Media images and other outside influences can affect ones psyche. Some parentsRead More Anabolic Steriods Essays1261 Words   |  6 PagesLifting Mrs. Registarnbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; February 12, 2001 Anabolic Steriods nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Anabolic Steroids are synthetic compounds formulated to be like the male sex hormone testosterone. Many athletes use anabolic steroids male and female alike, such as body builders, weightlifters, baseball players, football players, swimmers, and runners. They do so because they mistakenly believe that they will gain strength and size. In a male, testosterone is released by the leydig cellsRead MorePerformance Enhancing Drugs : Steroids, Androstenedione, And Ephedra Alkaloids996 Words   |  4 PagesPerformance Enhancing Drugs In today’s world, sports have become more and more about winning than the game itself. Success within sports not only comes with status, but popularity and fame as well. The want and need to succeed in athletics has driven great athletes to take illegal measures to give themselves an edge over their competition. Performance enhancing drugs such as anabolic steroids, androstenedione, and ephedra alkaloids are all used by athletes to take the shortcut to success and bypassRead MoreWhy Performance-Enhancing Drugs Are Ruining Sports Essay1174 Words   |  5 Pagessomething that everyone in the world, regardless of age, sex, or nationality, can enjoy. Whether its a child playing in his first t-ball game or a professional athlete swimming in the Olympics and everyone in between, sports can connect almost everyone. Fan support and overall devotion for athletic competition has raised professional athletes to superstars and national icons; Super Bowl Sunday is a national holiday to some, and sports are one of the largest moneymakers in the economy. Because sports

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Iphone 5s free essay sample

iPhone targets consumers who need to store any kind of information and communicate and people who want entertainment on the go. The following plan analyzes the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) and the PEST (Political, Economic, Social and Technological) and other situational analysis of the iPhone and the smartphones market. After that, we determined the objectives of this plan. According to our objectives we targeted segments consist of professionals, students, corporate users and health care workers. And according to consumer and market needs and some feedbacks, we determined the feature of the product, which has been developed and designed to meet the needs of each segment we are targeting. In addition, we implemented the pricing strategies we are going to use. Finally, a control plan designed to keep our whole plan in control and in continuous update. 2) Situational Analysis: 1) Macroenvironment Economical Situation? Economic factors will affect the purchasing power of potential customers and the products cost of capital. Some examples of the economy: Economical growth worldwide is in a big recession, which needs careful study. Potentiality of the market is decreasing but it is higher than any others in the Telecom sector. Legal and Governmental Situation Taxation and communication laws are something that governments put and Apple should ? study this as region by region to anticipate profitability and pricing strategy and to have the standards of the mobile communication laws for frequency ranges and available network with 3G or 4G coverage. Technological Situation †¢ Level of technology in the world is increasing. Internet level of awareness and usage for individuals are increasing worldwide †¢ Due to the huge competition of the big brand in smart phones, new technologies in the smart phones are increasing. †¢ Future plans for technological linkage between cities, ? universities, colleges, hospitals and other institutes are ? increasing and have to be connected to smart phones. †¢ Level of usage of the e-technology (online stores, books, social networks etc. ) are high and trendy. Ecological Situation Apple-iPhone impact on the environment is also important. Environmental considerations are an integral part of Apple’s business practices. From the earliest stages of iPhone design through manufacturing, use and recycling, Apple take care to keep their activities and their product â€Å"iPhone† environmentally sound. Sociocultural Situation? Social factors include the demographic and cultural aspects of the external macro environment. Its involved customer needs and the size of possible markets. †¢ Population growth leading to expansion of the sector needs for cell phones. †¢ People depend more and more on mobile communication everywhere due to the big growth of social networks and chatting applications. †¢ There is educational growth in the world huge demanding on smart phones useful application. 2) Market and Competitors Smartphones Market analysis and iPhone competitors Why Apple is focusing on the market of its smartphone â€Å"iPhone†? Today more than 1. 3 billion mobile phone handsets are being sold annually, and in 2010 smartphones made up almost 20% of that total (Gartner, 2010; Ahonen, 2010). Sales of smartphones are increasing almost 100% per year, and total global sales volume is expected to surpass that of PCs by 2012 (Gartner, 2010). Given the rate at which smartphone are penetrating the market and component prices are declining by 2015 there will be, at least, 2 billion smart mobile devices in use globally. (Kenney, 2011). Smartphone sales will be driven by two main factors, BI Intelligence says: Replacement of nearly 5 billion dumb phones with smartphones (smartphones currently make up only 10% of handsets worldwide) Price declines. The average price of a smartphone will drop from about $315 last year to $200 over the next several years This will obviously have a huge impact on the mobile Internet economy, which is already exploding from the growth of smartphone penetration in the past few years. Some other highlights from the report: Smartphone unit sales will grow at nearly a 30% compound annual growth rate over the next five years Smartphones will represent about two-thirds of all mobile phone purchases by 2016, Smartphones will be a $320 billion market by 2016. Competition Situation At the time Apple recognized the need for a handheld mobile device the market players were a few and mainly business users. This explains the strong market share RIM had. Palm on its hand also was also somewhat popular but having limitations in terms of usability and software, deprived the brand from gaining significant position. Most of the devices present at the market later were more featured towards personal organizing, emailing and computing, rather than web browsing or customized application usage. $600 iPhone $500 $499 $400 Blackberry Treo $300 $299 $299 Blackjack $200 $199 $100 $. Apple has clearly taken the marketing challenging strategy attacking the market leaders Blackberry and Palm. Apple Inc. has always a customer-centered orientation spotting the growing market for smart phones, identifying an unrealized need for customization through phone applications and nonetheless usability. Nowadays, there are 19260 cell phone companies in the world, but there are more than 15 big companies competing at the world level market. Apple iPhone 5S main competitors are Sony Z1, Motorola Razor, HTC One and Samsung S4, and all of them using Android or Windows firmware but Apple uses their own firmware â€Å"Apple IOS† for iPhone. And here is a figure showing the growth of the market of each of the firmware. For Market growth rate I used the table above and derive the table below: Smartphone brands 2012 sales* 2011sales Market growth rate Apple 148. 4 93. 1 %59 Samsung 177. 4 95. 2 %86 Research in motion (Blackberry) 41. 4 52. 8 -%21. 5 HTC 39. 2 44. 6 -%12. 1 ZTE 26. 7 14. 9 %79. 19 * In millions Figure : BCG Matrix for iPhone and its Competitors Consumer Situation There? are? many? different? aspects? of? Apple? that? puts? it? at? the? top? of? people’s? minds? when? thinking? of? purchasing? a? new? phone. Not? only? does? Apple? have? high brand? recognition,? but? they? also? hold? a? high? relative? advantage? over? their? competition. Some? of? Apple’s? recognizable? traits? are? their? logo? and? the? â€Å"simplicity†? of? Apple? products.? Apple? is? also known? for? their? high? prices? in? comparison? to? the? competition. Many? would? think? that? this? would? place? Apple? below? the? competition,? but? they? have? 89%? brandloyalty? with? current? customers,? keeping? them? coming? back? no? matter? what? the price is.? Apple? is? also? specifically? known? for? their? music? download? media,? iTunes.? This? allowsfor? easy? downloads,? organization,? and? storage? of? music.? At the beginning and till now, Apple? and? there? iPhones? market? more? specifically? to? their? previous? customers. Most? of? their? market? is? targeted? toward? previous? and? existing customers. 4) iPhone Performance Historical Situation Apple as a company has not stopped growing and gaining since the day they released its smart phone â€Å"iPhone† in 2007. Specially, since iPhone has not stopped technologically advancing since the first iPhone released. There have been 7 iPhones released since the first 2G iPhone 499$ 4GB 599 8GB. With every year a new iPhone replacing the previous iPhone maintaining the same contract price and the popularity of it and the share in the smart phones market are increasing. The second 3G was released one year later in June 2008 299$ 16GB iPhone 3GS 2009 199$ 16GB iPhone 4G 2010 199$ 16GB iPhone 4GS 2011 199$ 16GB iPhone 5 2012 199$ 16GB iPhone 5s 2013 199$ 16GB iPhone 5c 99$ 16GB 3) SWOT analysis: It is required to indicate strength and weaknesses of smartphone section. In our opinion weaknesses are more important Internal factors: Strengths: Huge availability of downloadable application (People like to personalize their smartphone) Simple, easy-to-use design and concise product range attract customers Lots of combined functions in the same device Firmware OS updates available Strong brand loyalty predicts return customers. It costs far less to keep an existing customer than to attract a new one. Product integrations (all their products connect/work with each other) Processor speed and special processor for graphics. Quality of the material iPhone is made of. Weaknesses: High price. Having higher costs than competitors is a major weakness. Battery life. There is only one store for application app store and most good applications are payable. But android for example have alot of online stores for application and most of them are for free. Problems with stock are a weakness for iPhone 5 as they need to keep up with demand. Limited product line is a major weakness. iPhone 5 is also easily scratched One product release per year Defects of new products iPhone IOS market share is only 19. 4 whereas Android have the biggest share of the market of 68%. External factors Opportunities: iPhone biggest opportunity comes from its own, loyal fan base. High demand of iPhone 5. Strong growth of smartphones market. Growth of tablet and smartphone markets. Increasing demand for cloud based services Threats: Apple iPhone and its IOS is targeted by competitors like Samsung with Android. Global economic situation is likely to reduce demand for iPhone5 . Extra competition with low price smart devices and new competitors entering the market could unsteady iPhone and be a threat. Rapid technological change because only one product release per year is not enough. 2013 tax increases. Dependence of the third party supplier. 4) OBEJCITVS Increasing market share by: Achieving a growth of 10% per year for the next year. Increase iPhone market share by 30% by 2014. Increase the sales for students by 20% at the end of the year. And we can measure this by having a free package of applications when a customer presents a student ID. Gain 15% percent of competitors Android-customers to use iPhone. And we can measure this by having a free application, which transfers all of your personal information from your old Android smartphone to your new iPhone. 5) Strategy (segmentation, targeting and positioning) Apple targets all kind of people who wants new technology. They research about people’s needs and wants. The iPhone targets consumers who need to store information and communicate or people who want entertainment on the go. Apples target segments consist of professionals, students, corporate users, entrepreneurs, and health care workers. And the following table presents how apple responds to each need of a consumer for each segment. *Detailed Features of the device shown in â€Å"Action program† section. Target Segment Consumer Need Feature Corresponding to the need Professional users Stay in touch and record information wherever and whenever. Organizing contacts and access everywhere to the calendar and schedule details. Phone, Email, Instant messaging and applications from OS X Mac to take notes and keep them in one cloud, iCloud. Wireless access to calendar and address book to easily check appointments and contact from iPhone to any Apple device. Students All in one device to carry for different purposes, educational usage, Stylish Phone, iPod, 8mpixels Camera, HD video player, 4G internet access and Browser, instant messaging, iCloud and iBooks. Apple brand as fashion statement, Corporate users Input access to critical data Applications from Mac OS X notes and record keeping in one virtual cloud, iCloud. Compatible with a lot of software and firmware. Medical users Update, access and exchange medical records Wireless access to calendar and address book to reduce paperwork and increase productivity. USA Market, Apple should focus more on the Western countries. For the time being, iPhone is only released in places, which have the coverage of one of the wireless network provider, the ATT Cingular Wireless. iPhone only supports this wireless network and due to this, Alaska, Colorado, the Dakotas, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, upstate New York and many more are the places which are not served by ATT Cingular Wireless will not have iPhones in their market. Under the positioning elements, Apple had position the iPhone as the flexible, convenient and value added device for professional use. Apple itself is already a strong brand in the market where all their products are focused on new technologies. This means that Apple would not have to focus so much on the brand itself but should focus more on how to promote iPhone by focusing on the convenience of having one device for communication, but also entertainment and also Internet access. 6) Action Program Product: iPhone combines a mobile phone, an iPod, and an Internet communications device in a single handheld product. Based on the Company’s Multi-Touch user interface, iPhone features desktop-class email, web browsing, searching, and maps and is compatible with both Mac and Windows-based computers. iPhone automatically syncs content from users’ iTunes libraries, as well as contacts, bookmarks, and email accounts. iPhone allows customers to access the iTunes Store to download audio and video files, as well as a variety of other digital content and applications. Apple launched iPhone 5S, its latest version of iPhone. In addition to the Company’s own iPhone accessories, third-party iPhone compatible accessories are available through the Company’s online and retail stores and from third parties. iPhone 5S new features corresponding to consumers’ needs and feedbacks: Meeting the needs of customers with online 24/7 services and special apple care warranty for new customers. Gaining an advantage over competitors by improving the capability and the compatibility of Apple IOS with Windows or Android based devices. The challenge will be winning back previous iPhone owners whove moved on to Android devices. Having a free application, which transfers all of your personal information from your old Android smartphone to your new iPhone. Apple provides its own operating system software and applications. I OS is the Apple mobile operating system. Apple released the latest version, I OS 7 in September 2013. And Apple App Store, which is currently, has 400 million accounts with registered credit cards provide more than 650,000 software applications for customers. Improving the online â€Å"App Store† and have multiple distributers and offering free educational application for customers with student ID. With Apple iCloud, Access your content on all your devices. Share photos with your favorite people. Or track down a missing iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. Whether you have one Apple device or five, iCloud takes care of everything. And you barely have to do a thing. Price: Mix of different pricing strategies will be used: Market-penetration pricing according to our objectives to attract the largest number of customers and have a bigger market share. In addition, the existence of a lot of competitors and having different prices and products. Product line pricing or Segmented Pricing as Product form pricing, according to the memory size of the iPhone. Psychological pricing as in 199$, 299$, 399$ Prices: 16GB ? $199 32GB ? $299 64GB ? $399 Apple intended to release a cheaper version of iPhone 5, which is the iPhone 5c. We think it would be clever strategies to attract customers who do not want spend that much for their smartphone and also want to experience Apple world. iPhone 5C could be a moderate price phone with apple magic features! In an industry of low profit margins and cost cutting, Apple takes a different approach to the design of its products. While competitors are doing everything they can to keep costs down, Apple does what it can to make its product different. 7) Controls In order to keep our plan effective to reach our goals and objectives, we are going to have a monthly meeting with Apple, exchanging information so we can maintain or develop our strategies to keep up with the market. In addition, we can evaluate this plan monthly to help us to take future decisions and using different strategies.

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Riverside leisure Centre Essay Example

Riverside leisure Centre Paper Riverside Leisure Centre is situated in Chelmsford, Essex and is owned by Chelmsford Borough Council. They have had only one reported unauthorised entry to the complex in the last five years. The complex contains three swimming pools, an outdoor, heated indoor and a toddler indoor. It also has a Techno gym, ice rink, sports hall, licensed bar and a childrens indoor play area. Due to the wide range of activities available, Riverside has a lot of visitors to its complex. The bigger the crowds attracted, the bigger the risk of the security of customers and employees data being misused by unauthorised members of the public. This therefore calls for a good quality security system, both physically and via software. Having analysed the security systems at Riverside, with the help of answered questionnaires from the centres management and from sketches of the leisure centre itself, I have noticed that there is a good quality system in use here. In this case study I will explain the methods, advantages and disadvantages of the current system and make recommendations on how to make the leisure centre more secure. Software Security Of Riverside Passwords Riverside uses a password log on system on all computers within the centre. Each employee has its own username and password to log on to the computer, which holds data. This makes it impossible for intruders to log on to the computer without having access to an employees user name and password. This is useful because it prevents unauthorised access but also allows management to pinpoint who has been on the computers at any one time. If an employee told an unauthorised person their username and password and that person obtained data from the computer, management could see exactly which employee had loaned their username/password and deal with them appropriately. We will write a custom essay sample on Riverside leisure Centre specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Riverside leisure Centre specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Riverside leisure Centre specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Riverside also operates a hierarchy system when using passwords to access data. If the system holds some high security data the system is able to block certain users (even authorised system users) from accessing it. This means that management get to see high security data exclusively and therefore reducing the risk of it falling it to the wrong hands. Policies of Shareware/Freeware Riverside does not download freeware or shareware from the Internet as it recognises the dangers of hidden viruses in the attachments and programs themselves. These programs are often not certified and therefore if downloaded, crucial files may become corrupt as a result of a virus being let into the system this way. Data Protection Act Riverside also abides by the Data protection Act (1998 as amended). The Act is in place to protect the data held by the data user (in this case the data held will be addresses, bank details, fitness levels of customers and the data user will be Riverside). There are eight principles to the Data Protection Act, as was there in the 1984 version. The only difference between the 1984 version and the amended version of 1998 is that the 1998 version has been widened to include data that is stored on computers and can easily be transferred to another country by use of email. Principles of the Data Protection Act The following principles will apply to Riverside when it is using the data it has collected from customers. 1/Personal data must be processed fairly and lawfully and at least one of the processing conditions is met, and in the case of processing the data must be processed fairly and lawfully and at least one of the conditions for processing sensitive personal data is met. The conditions for each of these categories would usually be that the subject has given consent. Personal data processing conditions: The subjects consent may not be required if the processing is to protect the subject as in the case of urgently retrieving a subjects medical record after a serious accident, or for the administration of justice, or to comply with legal obligations, or in the public interest. Processing conditions The subjects consent may not be required if: The Data Controller has legal obligations to process the subjects employee data  Ã‚  or if the data subject is unable to give consent, e. g. unconscious   In order to protect the vital interests of the data subject or another person   In a case where consent on or behalf of another person has been unreasonably withheld, e. g. parents religious beliefs preventing their childs right to hospital treatment and life.   Or where processing is necessary for legal reasons, e. g. obtaining legal advice, exercising or defending legal rights, for the administration of justice. Or   The processing is carried out as part of the lawful activities of any non-profit making political, philosophical, religious, or trade union organisation. The processing must safeguard the rights and freedoms of the data subjects. It must be limited to members or persons in regular contact with the organisation and it must not disclose any personal data to others without the data subjects consent. Or the Secretary of State may specify cases where this condition is excluded or modified, e. g.   Where the processing is necessary for medical purposes. Where sensitive personal data is necessary for monitoring equal opportunities for people of different racial or ethnic origins and is carried out with the usual safeguards for the rights and freedoms of data subjects. 2/Personal data shall be obtained only for one or more specified and lawful purposes, and shall not be further processed in any manner incompatible with that purpose or those purposes. There are two methods that a Data Controller may use to specify the purposes for which personal data are obtained: By informing the data subject or,By notifying the Data Protection Commissioner. This is in addition to notification (registration). All controllers must notify and pay the notification fee. 3/Personal data shall be adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the purpose or purposes for which they are processed. This is similar to the 1984 Act fourth Principle but the new wider definition of processing is now applied. Organisations are required to state the purpose for which data is processed and cannot process it for any other purposes without further notification. A dating agency may collect and process data for the purpose of matching compatible people. They cannot then use that data to identify prospective punters for a sideline in cosmetic surgery, unless they notify the data subjects or the Commissioner of their intention. 4/Personal data shall be accurate and where necessary, kept up to date. Data Controllers must take reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy of the data. At school, students are frequently given their personal details to take home and check. They are given the opportunity to change any out of date or incorrect data. Other organisations carry out similar checks at regular intervals. This task costs the organisation money for clerical staff to print out the details, collect them in again and edit the records to bring them up-to-date but is necessary by law. 5/Personal data processed for any purpose or purposes shall not be kept for longer than is necessary for that purpose or those purposes. Example: Data may be collected from applicants for a job. That data can only be stored for the period of assessment, interview and selection. After that it should be discarded. Personal data shall be processed in accordance with the rights of data subjects under this Act. A data subject is entitled to make a written request to the data controller (accompanied by administration fee) and be given details of their data within 40 days. This will consist of: A description of their data, What it contains the purposes for which it is being processed, Why it is being processed people to whom it may be disclosed, Who is allowed to see it the name of the organisation that is actually carrying out the processing of their data. Which organisation will perform the processing? Data subjects have the right to have inaccurate data amended or deleted. They also have new rights of:   preventing processing that is likely to cause damage or distress and to sue for compensation if damage or distress has been caused.   they can prevent processing for direct marketing purposes, so anyone can stop the arrival of personalised junk mail by writing to the data controller. they are entitled to be informed of the logic used in automated decision making, e. g. obtaining a mortgage depending on a calculation involving salary, credit worthiness and other details. they have the right to ask the Commissioner to check whether certain processing of their data is being carried out unlawfully. 6/Appropriate technical and organisational measures shall be taken against unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, personal data. Data must be kept private and secure. This means that the data controller must ensure that data is backup up regularly, virus checked, and restricted to named authorised persons by means of passwords or other means. Any data processors that a data controller may use for processing their data must be professional enough to guarantee the privacy and security of the data. It is also the data controllers responsibility to ensure that the data processor carries out the processing as specified according to an agreed contract. 7/Personal data shall not be transferred to a country or territory outside the European Economic Area, unless that country or territory ensures an adequate level of protection for the rights and freedoms of data subjects in relation to the processing of personal data. The European Economic Area is currently the member countries of the EEC plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. There are certain circumstances where the Eighth Principle does not apply to a transfer of data. They are:   The data subject has given consent to the transfer   As part of a contract between the data subject and the data controller Or, the transfer is necessary In the conclusion of a contract between the data controller or is in the data subjects interest, or   Fo reasons of substantial public interest. The Secretary of State can order and explain such a transfer, or * For legal reasons, such as advice, legal proceedings or defending legal rights, or * The transfer is part of the personal data on a public register * The transfer has been authorised by the Commissioner and ensures adequate safeguards for the rights and freedoms of data subjects. 8/ Personal data held for any purpose or purposes shall not be disclosed in any matter incompatible with that purpose or those purposes. (Principles obtained from www. the-data-protection-act. co. uk) The Data Protection Act gives us the right to access our own personal data that a company holds about us, and also gives us the right to correct it if its false. The right is also given to complain to the Data Protection Registrar if the data has been collected or used in any way that is disrespectful, unlawful or unfair. Registration The data user (in this case Riverside) must register the intended use, details of the personal data held, the ways in which it may be passed and to whom it may be passed and whether or not it may be transferred from country to country, if yes, which countries. This is filled in on the registration form given by the Data Registrar and is then sent off, along with a fee for registration (around i 70). This must be done before information is used because unlawful usage of data possesses a i 5000 fine in a magistrates court and an unlimited fine in a High court. If a person suffers due to unlawful usage of data they also can claim compensation from the company and the courts, adjusted with the severity of the case, decide this amount. Exemptions to the Registration There are exemptions from the registration. If the company/data user falls under one or more of the following categories then the registration is not applicable. 1/When your data is being used only in connection with personal, family or recreational use. 2/Where data is used only for the preparation of text documents. 3/Where the data is being used only for the calculation of wages and pensions, or for the production of accounts. 4/Where the data is used for the distribution of articles and information e. g. unsolicited mail (i. e. mail which advertises goods or a service you have not requested). 5/Where a sports club or a recreational club that is not a limited company holds the data. These exemptions include Riverside as they are a, sport or recreational club which is not a limited company. We know they are not a limited company as limited companies (both private and public) belong in the private sector. Riverside, however, is in the public sector as it is owned by a local government (Chelmsford Borough Council). This exempts them from having to register with the Data Registrar, however, they still must abide by the principles of the act to avoid prosecution. According to the questionnaire I carried out, all Riverside staff that have access to the data are fully educated on the principles of the Data Protection Act. Recommended software security measures that Riverside could operate in the future Firewalls Riverside could use firewalls when accessing the Internet. A firewall is a program that can be installed onto the system to protect itself against the user doing any damage to it. It restricts the user from entering parts of the system. These are particularly useful if the system has access to a dial up connection, either to access an e-mail provider or the Internet, as things can be downloaded and can cause havoc with the system if they contain a virus etc. Firewalls also can control incoming call IDs to the system and can block IDs if they dont fit into a pre-specified category, which prevents computer hackers from gaining access to the system. This controls, although doesnt block altogether, the threat of viruses and unauthorised access to the data. However, such a program does have one main disadvantage. Anti-virus Software Surprisingly, Riversides systems are not yet equipped with anti-virus software. This would be a good investment as a good quality program such as McAfee or Norton Anti-Virus can detect most known viruses and can delete them and clean the system in a matter of minutes. However, this kind of software is only worth investing in if time is taken by the user to run it regularly or set it into an automatic mode so it can detect the viruses. Encryption Riverside could also encrypt data that it passes through the Internet or their own Intranet or LAN. Encryption codes the data at the sending end so that if it is intercepted between its start off point and its destination no other person other than who it is intended for can read it. No one else can read it as only the data receiver has the decoder. Once the data receiver receives the encrypted data, it can be decoded by applying the decoder to the message and then it can be read normally. This prevents any unauthorised viewing and is a good way to make sure secure data does not fall into the wrong hands. The encrypter and the decoder are stored on the computers memory so they cannot be lost or forgotten. However, if the computer is stolen then the next user can carry on encrypting or decoding messages and this would prove not very secure. To overcome this problem you could either:   Make sure the computer is surrounded by physical security and therefore cannot be stolen. Or   Add a password to the encryption process so that the next user has to know the password to activate the encrypter or decoder. Back-Up Disks Another way to insure that the data on Riversides computer system is secure is to make back up disks of everything on the computer. This means if a virus distorts the data, the computer crashes, the disk that holds the data is lost, stolen or destroyed or if you even accidentally delete the document then there is always a back up at hand. To do this you simply save any important documents on a 3 1/2 floppy disk and keep in a safe place. Physical Security As well as protecting the data from potential viruses and unlawful use via software security, Riverside also realises it has to protect itself by physical use also. The following security measures are currently in operation at Riverside. Locks All rooms that contain computers are locked with pin code locks. If a wrong pin code is entered more than three times on the pad of these locks, the alarm is activated. The alarm will then alert the security guard on duty that an unauthorised person is trying to get into the computer room. All staff which need to know the pin code to access the computer have been told the in code but staff which do not use computers as part of their daily routine do not have access to the pin code. This is particularly useful as it deters unauthorised people from trying to break in if they know the alarm will be activated. Turnstiles At the Riverside entrance there is an obvious physical security measure as they have turnstiles so you can only get into the complex by the receptionist pressing a button to unlock the turnstile. This prevents anyone suspicious from getting into the complex and therefore reduces the risk of any harm coming to its customers and their computer systems. Uniforms. Also, staff in the complex wear uniform so they are easily recognisable from a member of the public. This means that if a member of the public is seen in a restricted access area they can easily be recognised from staff and therefore can be effectively removed before any damage is done. CCTV Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is also used on the premises. CCTV uses cameras around the complex (they are concealed in Riverside so potential intruders do not know where to find them) and these cameras are all linked back to a main control room. These rooms contain security workers scanning the images from all the cameras on the televisions on which they are shown for possible intruders. CCTV in Riverside has a main control room somewhere in the complex (for security reasons I couldnt find out where it was) and has 37 cameras around the complex. The cameras used in Riverside are moveable so the can turn and cover a much wider spectrum and therefore they are able to use one moveable camera to cover the space that three or perhaps four stationary cameras could cover. Therefore, moveable cameras are more cost effective than stationary ones. However, there are disadvantages to using this kind of camera- these are shown below.   If one breaks down then a wider space is not being covered. If a stationary one broke down then there would be only a little space that wouldnt be covered. Fireproof Doors and Gas looding Riverside also uses fireproof doors to prevent damage to the computer systems in case of a fire. These doors are made of metal with a high melting point so however hot the fire the door will not let the fire in. They also use a gas flooding system. If the fire alarm is activated (the fire alarm is run by a temperature sensitive sensor) then carbon dioxide gas is let out of air vents in the ceiling of the computer rooms as each temperature sensor goes off to warn about a fire. This facility is turned off for routine fire alarms and is only activated when the temperature is way above normal body heat so therefore can not be set off by a hot room. When surveying the site I noticed that there was only one entrance to the complex. This narrows down the ways that intruders can enter the building and also is more cost effective as they dont have to have security equipment anywhere else, as there are no other entrances. Also, when I walked around the outside of the complex I noticed that there is barbed wire at the top of all high walls around the complex so it would be difficult and painful, if not impossible to enter the building by climbing over the walls. Also, when I walked past the staff car park I noticed that all cars parked in there had the same badge in the windscreen, therefore it must be an access badge to park in the car park. Also, there is a kiosk with a barrier that is lowered whilst the security guard checks the windscreen badges and is only highered to let the car in when the guard has seen the security badge. Suggested Measures of Physical Security for Riverside As well as the impressive current physical security measures of Riverside they could also utilise the following measures to make sure their data stays secure. They could lock and bolt all computers to the desks so they cannot be forcefully taken from the desks. They could buy computer systems with removable hard drives (where all the data is stored) so that they can take the hard drives out of the system after use and lock them in a safe etc. This would mean if the computer systems were stolen then the data wouldnt be lost and it would not have fallen in to the wrong hands. More security alarms could be used. There is already a temperature sensor in case of a fire in operation but there is no movement sensor in case of a break in. These are not very expensive and can quickly alert the police of a break in. Security alarms could also be used on all emergency exits so that if they are opened with force the alarm will be triggered and the intruder will either be scared off or caught before any damage is done. They could also put a UV coding (a code which is not visible to the human eye but when it is scanned with Ultra violet light then the code can be read) on all hardware and peripheral devices. This ensures speedy return in the case of them being stolen and recovered by the police. Conclusion In conclusion, I have discovered that the physical security of Riverside is very good. They are currently utilising 10 out of 14 of the physical security measures I suggested and the statistic of only one unauthorised entry to the complex in five years (Chelmsford Borough Council 2001) proves that the measures are working as they should be. The following list shows the advantages of the current physical security system: * Secure * Some measures are inexpensive, such as high walls, barbed wire, barriers at car park and turnstiles at entrance etc. * Mostly manually operated or force operated. This is better than if it was automated because mistakes are rare and shifts are operated so workers are constantly awake and on the ball. To every good system there is a downside. Here is a list of disadvantages to the current physical security system. * The automatically operated systems such as CCTV or the alarms may be vandalised etc and this may stop them from working. * Some parts of the system are expensive such as CCTV, alarms and fireproof doors. CCTV is still cost effective as it used frequently but fireproof doors may never get to prove themselves, as fires are rare. However, the software security of Riverside is only average. It only operates 4 or the 8 software measures I suggested. There is one highlight of the software security system, this is that they abide by the Data Protection Act (1998) even though they are exempt by the rule that says, Where a sports club or a recreational club that is not a limited company holds the data. We already know that Riverside is run by the council and therefore is not a limited company so it exempt. However all employees have knowledge of the Data Protection Act and therefore are preventing themselves from getting persecuted. I did expect them to use virus protection on their computers and the fact that they didnt means that they were easily susceptible to viruses that would have distorted their data. I strongly recommend that they get an anti-virus program to protect themselves. The following is a list of the advantages to the software security system currently in operation at Riverside:   It is legal and understands the laws that are applicable to them and the use of the data that they possess.   The password system prevents any unauthorised access to the system unless one of the employees tells of their password. If an employee tells this, it is easy to pinpoint who has done it as their area password would have been used and it can be tracked. It recognises the use of freeware/shareware can be damaging to the system.   The hierarchy system only lets top management view the most secure documents.   Cost effective The system also has its downfalls; here is a list of the disadvantages to the system.   No virus scanner was in use, leaving them open to viruses transmitted from the Intranet, LAN or Internet No encryption of data was being used and therefore important data may be viewed by unauthorised people whilst in transit between destinations. Firewalls were not in operation therefore the door to untrained employees is left wide open to access potentially damaging parts of the computers hard drive or Internet.   Cost effective but not secure enough to prevent data being exposed. This concludes the case study on Riverside Ice and Leisure and its security systems. The recommendations for a new system are shown with the analysis of the systems and these may well be put into place by Riverside in the near future. The evidence I used to put together this case study is shown in appendices on the next page.

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McDonalds and Hindu Culture Essays

McDonalds and Hindu Culture Essays McDonalds and Hindu Culture Paper McDonalds and Hindu Culture Paper For thousands of years, Indias Hindu culture has revered the cow. Some 300 million of these animals roam India, untethered, revered as sacred providers. They are everywhere everywhere, that is, except for on your plate, as Hindus do not eat the meat of the sacred cow. (International Business, Pg125) The placing of the cow on a pedestal is a value that is unique to the Indian culture. Values and norms are the central components of a culture. Values are abstract ideals about what a society believes to be good, right, and desirable. (Pg. 705) Norms are social rules and guidelines that prescribe appropriate behavior in particular situations. (Pg. 702) Because the value systems of different religious and ethical systems have different implications, corporations seeking to conduct business in host countries must adapt to the culture and norms of the host society. In many cases business practice of When in Rome, is not an acceptable practice. Ethical Dilemma A few of the ethical dilemmas McDonalds faced, and are still facing, deal with religion and the disregard for animal welfare in the Indian Culture. The World Health Organization has identified obesity as a global problem, citing the alarming statistic that over 300 million people are now obese. The average daily diet has also undergone tremendous change, with all nations converging on a diet high in meat, dairy products, and processed sugars. Correlating closely to a worldwide rise in affluence, the new global diet is not necessarily a beneficial trend, as it can increase the risk of obesity and diabetes. Now viewed as a global health threat, obesity has been dubbed globesity by the World Health Organization. ( The bottommost ethical dilemma is based on different cultural practices regarding cultural balance, McDonalds was aware that they were fraudulently concealing the existence of a beef based flavoring in the oil used to cook its French fries. Thereby, it was not allowing the Indian consumer to honor its doctrine of not consuming beef products. Further, as a native to India, the globally recognized icon, Big Mac is opposite the belief that the cow is sacred. How can one support a company that was founded on the abuse of a countries religious scripture?  Evaluation of the countrys strategy involved in the Dilemma. The United States of America was at the center of the McDonalds dilemma. Not only were our countrys ethics on trial, so to be our western culture. Recently a number of lawsuits have been filed against the corporation, as some have tried to blame their obesity on the consumption of McDonalds fast food. As a fact, several non-governmental organizations, such as The World Health Organization, have targeted McDonalds for repeated criticism and protest. As globesity has become a world -wide reality, the people of the country of India can ill afford to support the likes of McDonalds, and other international eateries? Not because they are obese, for they suffer from various forms of malnutrition, which is further highlighted by its ability to provide adequate access to health care. To illustrate, the Indian government provides healthcare to its entire people. However, the number of doctors averages out to 1 per 2000 citizens. Further degenerating is the fact that the average citizen earns 12,000 Rupees per year, which is roughly the equivalent of $250 U.S. dollars. This means that while hospitals exist, the average citizen cannot afford the private heath care. ( Difference if the trade association did not exist  If the trade association did not exist then the ethical dilemmas McDonalds is facing would not have been an international issue. The trade association has brought about a set of standards that should be used as a guide when doing business abroad. If the trade association did not exist there would be no guide thus allowing businesses to participate in unethical practices. The lessons Globalization advocates raised  McDonalds corporate responsibility report states,  At McDonalds, making customers happy is what our business is all about. And we know it takes a lot to make that happen. We work hard to provide every customer with a choice of meals and an experience that exceeds their expectations. But thats only part the story. When you come through our doors and look beyond the front counter, theres a company and a system dedicated to earning your trust. And whether its called good corporate citizenship or social responsibility, we take seriously our commitment to conducting our business in a way that respects the world around us and the issues that matter most to you. (www. McDonalds. Com) As a company, I believe McDonalds has not learned a valuable lesson. The corporation must learn that the benefits to address the ethical issues far outweigh the benefit of ignoring them. The corporation is concerned with the almighty dollar, and is aware that the dilemma in India had little impact on it long-term plans. To illustrate, the company expects to open another 80 restaurants in India by the year 2005. What an example of giving the people what they want! Moreover, McDonalds is aware that the Indian consumer will continue to allow their children to consume the product, for it is noted that they want their children to enjoy the American experience. (International Business, pg. 125) Since the American experience is valuable to many native Indians, we must assume that the progression is acceptable. I disagree; how can the average citizen afford McDonalds on and annual salary of $250. Imagine this; a family of four spends $10 dollars to experience the American experience. Based on an annual salary of $250, this is roughly 10 percent of the family income. Action that should be taken  The ethical dilemma may really be about McDonalds opinion on what it constitutes as a wholesome food substitute. Regardless of what the company thinks, they  must invest time and resources to ensure the people of India that their products are free of beef and its byproducts. The answers lie with the question of, whose ethics do you use in international business? The answer is your values, but you cannot force your values on the communities and cultures of other countries. Noted ethicist Thomas Donaldson points out that the respect of core human values must be the starting point and once the starting point is assured businesses must also respect the local culture. (International Business, Pg 121) Case Discussion Questions  1. What lessons does the experience of the McDonalds in India hold for other fast-food chains and retail stores?  Several non-governmental organizations, such as The World Health Organization, have targeted McDonalds for repeated criticism and protest. The protest could have been avoided by releasing maximum information regarding its food products. I am pretty sure that the Official at McDonalds knew that it product contained beef by-products. Just as they have to fully disclose this type of information in the USA, they must apply the same standard on foreign soils. If it had not been for the three Indian nationalist, living in the USA filing suit, then the mockery would have continued. 2. Is there anything that McDonalds could have done to have foreseen or better prepared itself for the negative publicity associated with the revelation that it used beef extract in its frying oil?  McDonalds should have expected the fallout to reach the people of India. Therefore, they should have initiated damage control. This includes making a formal apology, fully disclosing all facts regarding the discrepancy, and offering some form of compensation, which could include an offer of discounted food prices 3. How far should a firm such as McDonalds go in localizing its product to account for cultural differences? At some point, might it not lose an advantage?  Firms cannot take the ethnocentric approach when establishing new business on foreign soil. One of the biggest issues facing a company that goes global for the first time is the danger of not being informed. Doing business in another culture requires that the company adapt to the cultures values and norms. This said, they must go as far as to use local suppliers, employ local citizens, and transfer some of the executive power to the people of the host country. References Hill, Charles W.L. International Business. New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2005:

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Analytical techniques Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Analytical techniques - Essay Example Experts have concentrated towards the identification of certain measures that can help in the mitigation of the errors in different fields. Some analytical techniques and procedures have been discovered as remedies to the occurrence, execution and interpretation of errors and these techniques and procedures are commonly used to minimize the probability of errors. (Grabowski and Roberts, 1996, p16) The analytical techniques and procedures employed for dealing with the errors used to be different for each case however, there are some common and widely accepted procedures like Six Sigma etc that are applicable to almost every field and can help the related individual and organizations in effectively dealing with different types, stages and levels of errors. The paper aims to discuss some major and widely accepted error mitigation analytical techniques that have proved their significance in dealing with the errors both at execution and interpretation stages. The essay presents the examples of errors that commonly occurred in different fields and also discuss the analytical techniques that are commonly used in these fields to deal with these errors. (Goodstein et al, 1988, p98) As discussed above that with no exceptions, error occurred in every field. The intensity and effects of these errors may vary from one field to another and ultimately the procedures and techniques used to deal with these errors also vary from one field to another. It implies that the medical errors are different in nature from the business, linguistics or lab errors and thus, these errors are dealt quite differently from the errors occurred in any other field. For instance, in statistical data an error can be occurred in form of difference found between the computed and theoretically correct values that can be deal by rechecking formulas and calculation methods. In science and